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Cryptic Headshot
Cryptic Headshot

Photo credit: Brian Bray

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Intense Headshot
Intense Headshot

Photo credit: Brian Bray

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Fun-loving Headshot

Photo credit: Brian Bray

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Friendly Headshot

Photo credit: Brian Bray

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Toronto-based Actor

Award Nominee NJWF White.png

Featured in

Training   |   Institution   |   Teacher



Toronto-based, Non-union

Height: 5'4"   |   Weight: 145 lbs.   |   Hair: Black   |   Eyes: Brown

Asia Web Awards Winner 2019 Sm.png

Winner: Best Actor in a Thriller at the Asia Web Awards

Nominated for Best Male Performance

at TAPFest V Film Festival

Award Nominee NJWF White.png

Nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama, Thriller, or Sci-Fi

at New Jersey Web Fest

AWA2020 Nom Small.png

Nominated for Best Actor in a Shorts, Pilot & Webfilm at the Asia Web Awards


Disasters at Sea Ep 301 – TV (docu-drama)   |   Emard Soriano (Principal)   |   PJ Naworynski, Exploration Pro. (Bell Media)

Age of Samurai Ep 5 – TV (docu-drama)   |   Chinese Ambassador (Actor)   |   Stephen Scott, Cream Productions (Netflix)

See No Evil Ep 603 – TV (docu-drama)   |   Phong Lee (Actor)   |   Stephen Oxenham, SNE6 Productions (Saloon Media)

AFTER – short film (drama)   |   James Torres (Lead)   |   Lena Burmenko, Gracias Productions

Game Night – student film (dark comedy)   |   Jack (Lead)   |   Tyler Bowden, Dinger Productions (Humber College)

Cowboys – short film (sci-fi drama)   |   Tim (Lead)   |   Paul Villenave, Independent

Lawyering – short film (comedy)   |   Brian (Lead)   |   Lena Burmenko, Sawka TV

Marked – web series (sci-fi mystery)   |   Agent Stevens (Lead)   |   John Krissilas, Tomato & Cheese Productions

All Sales Final – student film (horror)   |   Dave (Lead)   |   Ryan Shakleton, Sheridan College

EXORCISM – short film (horror)   |   Pastor Ramos (Lead)   |   Lena Burmenko, Tomato & Cheese Productions

How It Ends – student film (comedy)   |   Marvin (Lead)   |   Chen Sing Yap, Big Big Turtle Films (Sheridan College)

Demon Doctor – web series (sci-fi horror)   |   Mr. John Q. Trick (Supporting)   |   Joshua R. Pangborn, Sidekick Prod.

French Off the Boat – web series (comedy)   |   Steve (Supporting)   |   Katia Café-Fébrissy, Independent

Only Human – student film (sci-fi thriller)   |   Mike Reynolds (Supporting)   |   Joshua Hinrichs, Green Lens Prod. (Ryerson University)

Choked – short film (suspense thriller)   |   Social Worker (Supporting)   |   Justin Hay, Helix Reel Entertainment

I Did – web series (comedy)   |   Ben Hertanto (Supporting)   |   Andrea Marcelino, AYY Films

Rebelión – web series (thriller)   |   The Man (Supporting)   |   Martin Fiorda, Room 66 Films

Game Show! – web series (comedy)   |   Landlord (Supporting)   |   Scott Cudmore, VICE Studio Canada Inc.


Scene Study Workshops   |   The Actor's Place   |    Ivan Wanis-Ruiz, Dan Willmott, Justin Hay

Auditioning for Film & TV   |   Edie Inksetter Studio   |   Edie Inksetter

Audition Fundamentals   |   LB Acting Studio   |   Michelle Arvizu

New to LB Acting Studio   |   LB Acting Studio   |   Lewis Baumander


Rollerblading   |   Mountain Biking   |   Squash   |   Badminton   |   Driver's Licence: G   |   Languages: English


"John is one of the easiest actors I have ever worked with. He understood his character immediately and accurately held on to it until the end, making our collaboration fun and effortless."

– Paul Villenave, Director & Producer, Cowboys short film

"Thank you for your talent, patience, and having such a great attitude on set!"

– Andrea Marcelino, Director, I Did web series



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For professional inquiries regarding paid projects, or other inquiries, including potential collaborations, please contact:

Tel: 416-817-9605

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